真是太妙了 !!

粉絲們做夢是彩色還是黑白的呢 ?




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(一)  重點單字


1.  Hold your horses  =  別著急、稍安勿躁


2.  Remarkable  [adj.]  =  值得注意的、卓越的


3.  Fire up  =  激發、煽動


4.  Application / App  [n.]  =  應用程式


5.  Pleasant  [adj.]  =  令人愉快的、舒適的


6.  Productive [adj.]  =  多產的、有收穫的


7.  Prompt [v.]  =  促使、慫恿、提示


8.  Enhance  [v.]  =  提升、加強



(二)  聽力填空題


1.  I just __________ my iPhone and have __________ of applications on it ! 


2.  You __________ the sound and the phone automatically plays it when you're dreaming by __________ your movements.


3.  But it's good to keep in __________ that this technology is in the __________ stage.


4.  And what sort of sounds would make your mind produce – or __________ – relaxing __________, Rosie?


5.  And the English __________ Mary Shelley was also very creative when she wrote the __________ story, Frankenstein.



(三)  聽力問答題


1.  What job does Rosie dream about doing ?


2.  How do good dreams influence people ?


3.  What song is the product of Paul McCartney's dream ?



(四)  討論題


Did you have a sweet dream or a nightmare last night ?


I think I had a pleasant dream last night.

I was in a car with my parents and my brother.


What did you dream about last night ??

Tell us by commenting below.....



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