If you’re one of the many people who’s been queuing round the block to buy an iPhone 6, then this is probably the last thing you want to happen.


蘋果最新 iPhone 6 在台開賣倒數!如果你也是那些瘋狂徹夜排隊的超級果粉,相信以下真實事件絕對是你此生最不願發生的悲劇






As this unfortunate customer – named only as Jack – discovered when he became the first person in Australia to get his hands on one of the coveted handsets.


In an incident captured on live TV in Perth, Jack excitedly tried to get his newly-purchased phone out of the box to show a local reporter.


在澳洲伯斯,搶到全球第一支iPhone 6的幸運兒Jack開心接受當地電視台的採訪,大方「開箱」給媒體紀錄下這奇蹟時刻,結果…


And promptly dropped it on the ground. 


(由於盒子卡得太緊的關係),初登場的iPhone 6就這樣華麗地摔到地面上!!!


Cue immense awkwardness as the reporter struggled to compose herself and Jack began frantically testing the screen to check all was well.



Fortunately, as he later revealed on Twitter, the handset survived unscathed:


當場一片譁然,連女記者也試著強裝鎮定,而Jack則瘋狂地測試iPhone是否一切安好,幸好最終平安無事,顯然這支iPhone 6已經成功通過了第一次「碰撞測試」




And he seems to have gained a whole new popularity since.


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Queue (v.) 排隊;排隊等候

We queued up for the bus.



Coveted (adj.) 夢寐以求的


Handset (n.) 電話聽筒


Cue (v.) 插入演出

The studio manager will cue you when it's your turn to come on.



Compose oneself (v.) 使鎮定

She was nervous at first but soon composed herself.



Frantically (adv.) 瘋狂地


Unscathed (adj.) 未受傷的






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